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CPT Testing Tool
Combustion Performance Test Tool
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CPT is a handheld computer designed to test and make recommendations for fuel system cleaning services

FSCService Need

Fuel System Cleaning (FSC) - FSC is a well documented, broadly performed and consumer recognized PM Service. Carbon deposits that accumulate on intake valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers can create loss of power, rough idle, hesitation, misfire, pinging, knocking, reduced fuel mileage, hard starting and also increases emissions. Removing the buildup of dirt and particles in a fuel system will help restore and improve a vehicle’s performance and fuel economy as well as overall drivability. Poorly maintained vehicles with heavy carbon buildup may require more than one cleaning service to remove all carbon deposits.


When to recommend FSC?

Historically it has been very difficult to diagnose if and when a FSC service should be performed. Unless a consumer is experiencing a symptomatic performance issue such as stalling, rough idle, sluggish acceleration, etc. – how does s/he know their engine may benefit from FSC? Since knowing when to recommend FSC is not always obvious OEM’s and their dealerships are in the same position as the automotive aftermarket. Recommendations for FSC rely on various supplier and/or trade-group supported time/mileage recommendations as well as the individual service advisors technical knowledge to convey service need and value.


CPT Testing ToolWhat Is CPT?

The Combustion Performance Tool (CPT) is a handheld diagnostic computer. A supporting communications process to highlight and explain the need for FSC and the operation of the CPT tool enhances a consumer’s ability to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase FSC services based on a personalized data driven test result for their vehicle. Individual testing of every vehicle, every time and communicating the results accordingly dramatically increases the % of FSC sales performed.


How Does It Work?

Tailpipe adapterThe CPT features include powerful handheld computer, rechagable Li-ion battery and tailpipe sensor. The easy to use platform measures irregularities in the rotational speed of an engine’s crankshaft related to potential carbon buildup. With the engine at normal operating temperature and at idle, the tool analyzes engine performance – combustion consistency – for roughly 1 minute The tool calculates combustion consistency, or average engine performance, by identifying and measuring the total number of random, partial, misfire events.

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CPT Testing ToolTest Results

* High combustion consistency = high engine performance

* Low combustion consistency = low engine performance

Engine performance is represented on numerical 10 (good) – 1 (bad) and colored zoned scaling

Green/10 - 8 : Your engine is running smoothly. No fuel system or combustion performance issues are detectable at this time.

Yellow/7 - 4 : This is the caution zone. Your engine is already experiencing less than ideal combustion. There may be associated performance and gas mileage issues. Fuel injector and induction system cleaning is indicated.

Red/3 - 1 : Your engine isn’t performing up to specifications. You may have carbon buildup and other deposits that are hurting your performance, increasing emissions, and reducing fuel economy. Again, FSC is indicated as the first remedial service to be performed.

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CPT Testing Tool





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